About us

About Us

Already since 2004 we supply to the Czech market the best materials and components for the construction of fireplaces, stoves and chimneys. We represent the manufacturers from the Czech Republic and foreign companies who take their job seriously. They put the quality of their products in the first place. Of these components thousands of devices are built that provides users with daily joy.

The company consists of real people. The quality of the company is, therefore, only the quality of the work of individuals. And our company Banador is a team of responsible people with one common goal. The aim of the work every day in order to satisfy their customers and bring them joy.

Banador is not just a company that buys and sells. But the company, which looks primarily on the quality of its products and service and support to its customers. Try also what it is like to work with professionals where your satisfaction is on the first place!

About Us

Selling it for us does not stop

We understand that the goal in wholesale is not only buying and selling. Nowhdays, it is very important to provide our customers with superior service.

And service is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our experienced team is working every day to meet the needs and desires of our customers.

Selling it for us does not stop

We understand what we are doing

Everything starts with knowledge. We understand what we are doing. We know that to be a good mentor to end customers, architects, designers and how to realize the actual stoves and fireplaces. Using specialized software we can simulate the function or calculate the dimension of stoves. We may also visualize the fireplace or stove in advance using latest 3D software.

Then left "only" quality remains and timely deliver products. This requires a synchronized interplay of multiple factors: quality suppliers, strong and precise purchasing team and enough inventory.

And how we know who the true quality of a supplier? Solving the problem. This is the only way the wheat from the chaff. Warranty service, with training and certified service technicians with years of experience.

If you are convinced by these ideas, so try us. We in BANADOR are ready for you.